About Us

GuitarDesires is a new model for a professional online marketing service to help folks, families, and estates realize the best proceeds from their guitars, instruments and gear than in a local sale.

GuitarDesires has spent many years as reputable International expert guitar/gear dealers with sales to the world's top collectors, stars, and best players. Top tier prices for amazing rare, collectable, and historic finds have delighted owners and buyers as we served thousands of individuals, famlies, and estate sales to help them get top dollar for their gear!

Founded in 2002 by Boulder musician and businessman, Rob Ober, GuitarDesires has now helped thousands of folks sell their musical gear for top dollar through a professional and easy process. After thinking about ways to help folks sell their gear over the years, Ober decided to leverage modern online markets and appraisal information to let people know the true value of their musical gear and offer an honest, transparent, and professional way for folks to get a fair return when selling it.

Selling guitars and gear to appreciative musicians and collectors worldwide, GuitarDesires boasts 100% positive feedback on eBay, highest Better Business ratings, and routinely gets top prices for their online auctions.

Using highly efficient online markets and eliminating the brick and mortar of traditional music stores, GuitarDesires offers superior customer service and top prices to their buyout consignment clients and eBay customers around the world.

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